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A subscription to gives you exclusive content

July 11, 2010

My site – is now offering exclusive content on an ongoing basis to subscribers. I should know, because I made it so! You can subscribe at

The more you subscribe for:  $1/month, $2/month, $5/month or $10/month, the more you’ll get in terms of content. To cancel, just request it and you will not be billed for the next month.

Subscribers get:

  • A selection of my fiction and non-fiction writing emailed to them and download links in PDF and ebook formats. Includes both new writing (some of it exclusive to subscribers) and writing from the past.
  • Physical print runs of my books and DVDs and mailed out to them.  These include nicely made special editions of chapbooks, videos, poetry books, non-fiction collections and short story collections.
  • Discounts on my novels in paper book format, ebook and PDF
  • Discounts on my DVDs

What sort of writing would you like to see emailed out in a subscriber newsletter? What sort of special edition books sent to you in the mail?

Leave a comment and let me know, as I’d appreciate that very much.


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