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Selling ebooks in AUD,

June 23, 2011

One of my ebooks (Cyber) sold on the Australian iTunes/iBooks store. That’s a first for me, pretty cool, I think! The currency conversion rate from AUD to CAD is about even, maybe a little more in my favour, so that’s nice, too ;)

I started an author page on – it’s a great place to go if you love reading and books:

Here is a post I made in a forum on Goodreads: “I agree that good editing (and proofing) is crucial for all authors, and especially so for those of us going indie. I find typos and mistakes in books, magazines, and newspapers all the time! So, there is no shortage of work for good editors/proof readers!

Unfortunately, the budget is not always there for a new author to hire pros to do this. So, I ask as many writer/reader friends as I can to help me proof my work. It’s been pretty successful so far. Often my beta readers will catch things I’ve missed.

But, sometimes mistakes still slip through. It bothers me when I find a typo in an ebook I’ve already launched! Of course, I correct it and upload a new version ASAP, but I can’t take back the disappointment from my paying readers who find a mistake.

One idea I’ve implemented is to ask my readers to let me know about any typos they find in my ebooks, and then I’ll make the corrections and send them an updated version. My goal is to send out as few revised copies as possible!”

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