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I love solar power!

July 31, 2011

This guy’s house is an inspiration! It’s solar powered and humble. It’s made small on purpose, so you can live in it while you make planned-for additions!


Good Morning

July 31, 2011

Good morning. Thank you God for this day. Hello Mother Earth – so beautiful in the morning.

My new ebook "A Conspicuous Medium"

July 22, 2011

My poetry collection “A Conspicuous Medium” is now available as an ebook! This is the second edition of the collection, newly expanded for 2011. It was my second chapbook, originally published a few years back. I’ve included all of the original text in this updated edition, and added a lot more.

You can read a free sample of it and buy it here:

Also available as an ebook from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion, and Sony.

Coming soon as a paper book from!

iPhone Haikus

July 19, 2011

iPhone Haiku:

Way down in the mall,
Crowded in like sardines,
Apple store is jammed.

iPhone Haiku 2:

They love the iPhone,
Steve Jobs smiles in summer heat,
$28B quarter.

Look out, it's – CARMAGGEDON!

July 14, 2011

I love LA! One of the major highways closes for the day and it’s called CARMAGGEDON – or the insuring huge traffic jam on July 16, 2011 is sure to be! An air-carrier is offering a special for the day that the expressway in LA (405) closes – so you can fly over CARMAGGEDON – yeah, I love LA!

I also love that LA has a ton of rawfood goodness around!

Hello, today

July 13, 2011

Took some time today to watch and listen to the wind through the green leaves and trees, against the blue sky with white clouds.

Formatting my book A CONSPICUOUS MEDIUM – out soon!

Brainjob by David Sloma

My novel Brainjob is about a man whose brain is placed into another cloned body after an accident, in a world obsessed with living forever, frantically searching for a nanobot youth serum. It’s 50% until the end of July on Smashwords​s/view/62568

Status Update>Status Symbol

July 12, 2011

Very hot here today. I’m tired of feeling like I’m inside a heater when I drive on days like this. Please buy my ebooks, paperbooks, screenplays, writing, films, and other things I that sell, so that I will be able to buy the hybrid Volvo (not yet released – with an AC motor on each wheel, the plans call for!), great engineering and handling, safety, style, stereo, and air-conditioning system!

In other news, it’s 7/11/11…7-11? Hmmm