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Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things by David Sloma


Copyright © 2004-2011 David Sloma. Registered with the Writers Guild

“Come on, don’t be defiant – be compliant!” – Bondage Man.

Short Synopsis
Mel Plastic and his family watch as superhero Bondage Man becomes a shill for a candy laced with radioactive waste, making many ill. Mel begs him to end the conspiracy perpetrated by Major Owens (military sells the waste), Harry Mitsushibi (makes the candy), and Reverend Jones (sells the cure). Aliens, Bondage Man, and Mel punish the corporate “diddilers.” Feature length screenplay by David Sloma.

Long Synopsis
In a world where advertising occupies every vacant space (even on dogs, lawns, and in hospital operating rooms), a cynical consumer, Mel Plastic and his family, watch the decline of their lives as the local superhero Bondage Man becomes a shill for Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things – a popular candy laced with radioactive waste. The candy makes Mel and many others deathly ill. Mel contacts the superhero (they worked together years ago when Mel was “Captain Weirdo”) and tries to convinces him to return to crime fighting, and end the conspiracy being perpetrated by Major Owens (from the military who is selling the waste to the Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things company), Harry Mitsushibi (the head of the Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things company who is getting rich with his migrant workforce, selling the product that’s making everyone sick), and Reverend Jones (a flamboyant preacher who is getting rich selling a cure). With the help of some visiting aliens, Bondage Man and Mel try to deal out justice, outrun the military and Men In Black, punish the corporate “diddilers,” and save their bought and paid for consumer souls.

Feature film screenplay currently available for production. 107 pages in screenplay format, about 22,000 words.

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