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Brainjob is a 125,000 word science-fiction novel by David Sloma. It was first published as an ebook in May 2011, by Web of Life Solutions.

Short Description

Zenor lives in a cloned body that is not his own. The company that owns his clone experimented on him without his consent, to develop a nanobot youth serum, and it works! But, only on him. Suddenly, he’s valuable. Zenor, tired of being a lab rat, escapes, and goes on the run. They send a mercenary bounty hunter named Raine after him. In the shadow of a nuclear showdown, Zenor runs for his life.

Extended Description

It’s 2051 on Earth.

Zenor Hemmings, a poor worker, was injured many years ago in an industrial accident and had his brain removed from his damaged body, and put into a clone – of another race. It’s called a brainjob, and it’s how people survive accidents and the rich stay young.

The rich can afford to have new clones of themselves standing by; the poor are not as lucky and must take any clone they can get, or die. Having one’s brain put into another body that looks nothing like you used to look causes a lot of identity problems and ruins lives, even while saving them.

Since his brainjob, Zenor’s been trying to get the money to have his brain moved into a new clone of himself, with cells harvested from his brain. But, the company that owns the clone he’s in – Unito Bio – have been experimenting on him, without his consent, with a nanobot youth serum. Zenor is the first human clone in which the serum works! He starts getting younger!

The doctors who developed the youth serum are not happy with their deal with Unito and try to shop the formula to the highest bidder in the bio-tech community. The problem is, the serum only works in Zenor’s cloned body; they can’t recreate it.

Suddenly, Zenor is the most valuable clone on Earth. But, he doesn’t like being kept as a lab rat, and not being able to see his daughter who works on the International Space Station, so he escapes and heads out of Furion City, to the unknown Wilds beyond. Furion City, the largest city in the country, is under threat of nuclear attack.

Unito hires a ruthless mercenary bounty hunter named Raine who hunts Zenor into the Wilds. But, Raine also has other jobs to do, like track down the doctors who double-crossed Untio.

Raine is the best, but his loyalties often go to those with the deepest pockets. Frankie Feka, the owner of Unito wants to protect his investment, so he makes sure to blackmail Raine for Zenor’s return.

The clock is ticking for many in this story set in a near-possible future, that may soon arrive.

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